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About Us

Managing Director Speech

Singapore's focus on economic development has driven us to make it our foremost priority. With Singapore's strategic location along key international waterway together with deep natural harbour, it has enabled us to make maritime industry one of the key engines of growth.The various milestones of Vita Enterprises is a clear reflection of growth throughout the years. We constantly strived to adapt to changing environments and capitalize on new opportunities to grow continually. 

Moving forward, I aim to be able to build each department into an entity which is compatible to the company. I hope to be able to build on the relationships between all our customers and continue to provide credible services with integrity and transparency. 



When the company was first set up, there was only a total of 30 workers. Today, Vita Enterprises has grown and expanded it's workforce to a total of more than 800 employees. Since 1988, Vita Enterprise has been a resident contractor of Sembawang Shipyard and Keppel Shipyard. Growth is evident in Vita Enterprise as it has grown from specializing in marine engineering and mechanical engineering to a variety of other services including marine oil and gas, commodity trading, dormitory services and property development.

We constantly upgrade our workers knowledge and skill to increase productivity. Vita enterprises provides various training courses to ensure that our work force is competent for the job on hand. We provide trainings including on-the-job trainings, Skills improvement trainings, Fabrication trainings, and Welding training.

Health and Safety

Vita Enterprise has acquired ISO 9001:2000 and OHSA 18001:2007 since 2003 to enhance its occupation safety and productivity standards. We are the first company to be awarded with BIZSAFE level star from the Ministry of Manpower in Singapore.

Vita Enterprises places great emphasis on the safety and health of our employees. We constantly improve on our safety standards, and enforces hazard identification, accident follow ups, safety briefing, safety demonstration, safety orientation and competency screening for new workers, fire preventive and control measures, safety committee in-house inspection, work safety protocols, and always have qualified first aiders on site.

Mission and Values


We strive to constantly improve our Quality, Health, and Safety Management systems to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction. At the same time, taking pride with carrying out our operations to ensure that the health, safety and condition of any person or property will not be adversely affected by our operations.


Complying with relevant legal and other requirements, we aim to deliver the highest standards of quality and service. We encourage active communications between all relevant parties to ensure health and safety. Through periodic reviews of our policies and management systems, we are able to ensure the effectiveness of our systems.

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