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Product Optimization

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Customizing and Optimizing Products According to Clients' Needs

Pick and Match to Opitimize Your Products

Product: Lamination Plywood /Commercial Plywood / Shuttering Plywood / Packing Grade

Glue: MR / MUF ( %) / WBP

Usage: Lamination ( PVC/Formica/Fancy; thickness) / Commercial / Flooring/ etc

Grade: OVL / BBCC / UTY

F/B: Red MLH ( Bintangor, Okume, etc) / Birch / Pine / Pencil Cedar / etc

Sanding: S1S / S2S / Core sanding/ etc

Thickness and # Ply: f/b Thickness requirement and core layer compositions requirement

Core: Hardwood ( Rubberwood/Acasia/ Eucaplytus)/ LightWood ( Facalta, Poplar)

Country: Malaysia, China,

Certificate: sISPM / GLUE TEST / FSC / ETC

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Consultancy, Engineering and Optimized Product:


Vita Trading has partnered with various testing facilities locally as well as overseas in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. As such, we are able to support and design accordingly to our customer’s plywood requirements. Vita Group's consultancy team has specialists in many areas, including production, machinery and raw material, giving our customers global access to high quality competence. 


Our consultancy team creates a bridge between customers and the factory to design, produce and deliver the products punctually with accuracy. 


Our Mission:
Plywood trading is an industry that requires suppliers to understand the application of the raw material. This requires knowledge from the supply chain of raw materials to the customers usage. Our expertise in these industry helps us to achieve our mission:
  • To provide our customers with the product most suited to their needs.

  • To keep innovating our products, and deliver alternative solutions to customers

  • To gather all resources together, across global, industries and segments

    • Global consists – Raw material compositions (Glue, Machinery, Veneers, Logs, etc)

    • Industries – Lamination, C & C, Container Flooring, Underlayments

    • Segments – Furniture Usage, Commercial Usage, Packing

At Vita Trading, we believe that trading does not stop at the exchange of goods, but bringing value and propositions for our customers and supplier. We uphold integrity and achieve growth together with our partners.



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