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Wood Veneer  // Chemicals // Rice 

Raw Materials​
  1. Wood

  2. Timber

  3. Plywood

  4. Block Board

Chemical Compounds
  1. Urea Moulding Compounds


Vita Trading Pte Ltd has been licensed by the International Enterprise (IE) to import and re-export rice in Singapore. We are also licensed by AVA to import and re-export sugar. Over the years, Vita Trading have purchased rice from various countries including Vietnam, Myanmar, India, and Thailand.


The various types of rice imported includes :

  1. Jasmine fragrant rice

  2. Glutinous rice

  3. 5% 10% 15% 25% AND 100% broken white rice

The imported rice is then re-exported to the neighbouring countries like Indonesia and Malaysia. Vita Trading Pte Ltd has been classified as a major rice importer for export in Singapore. The company has built fostered many close relationships with our partners and they have continually shown great support businesses.

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