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Vita's Consultancy Services


Vita Trading has partnered with various testing facilities locally as well as overseas in countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia. As such, we are able to support and design accordingly to our customer’s plywood requirements. Vita Trading's consultancy team specializes in many areas, including production, machinery and raw material, giving our customers global access to high-quality competence. 


Our consultancy team creates a bridge between customers and the factory to design, produce and deliver the products punctually with accuracy. 

What We Offer
Vita Trading offers total project consultancy from concept to commissioning. With a team of experienced specialists, we are able to help clients to setup new factories and to improve on plywood manufacturing through training and process improvement. 
  • Manufacturing Factory Set up Consultant

    • Manpower

    • Infrastructure

    • Techniques and processes to manufacture plywood


  • Production Process Improvement

    • Improving processes to control the quality of plywood

    • Ways to improve the material by recovery and how to use those materials

    • Ways to produce different types of glue


  • Training of Personnel

    • Teaching and training managers effective ways to supervise employees

    • Teaching managers various plywood grading standards and which standards to use when exporting to respective countries 

    • Knowledge on plywood & different types of plywood machinery

    • Educating employees on Formaldehyde emissions from different plywood products

    • Teaching managers grading rules for Face/Back, such as BB/CC ,OVL.UTY& Better, Film Face Plywood, Container Flooring 


  • Costing and cost controls

    • Veneer and Plywood costing

    • Optimising plywood solutions to reduce total costs and risk. 


  • Product Optimisation

    • Team of specialists will analyse current operations and re-enginering plywood that reduces cost while maintaining quality.

    • Providing quality solutions for various issues our customers face such as issues with 5M.



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